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Murder Mystery Dinner in English

We also perform our murder mystery dinners for an English speaking audience.

Our mystery dinners consist of five theater acts and a four courses menu. The five acts and four courses are amusingly alternating.

While the guests are enjoying their meal, they will be excitingly included in the story full of intrigues, lies, murders and other maledictions.

Professional actors guarantee the appropriate thrill, but also an entertaining and stylish event.

You will experience a live mystery dinner very closely and firsthand, whereby your four courses meal is framed by an exciting and turbulent story.

We will put you into a world of amusement and excitement.

Hold on tight. It could be the shock of your life.

Now you can book our absolute classic, the smash hit for the last five years:
Sacral dinner 1 - Murder in the Abbey St. Benifizius
Mysterious murder in a Bavarian monastery
by Werner R. Gawlik
At the beginning we’ll take you on to a journey to the medieval times, 900 years ago.

A merry monk, brother Theodor, who was full of the joys of life got into big trouble because of his scandalous lifestyle.

Brother Theodor did not follow the rules of celibacy. He even popped the cherries of young village virgins.

The merry monk was not only condemned on earth for his change in moral conduct, but also the heavens were angry with him.

During his escape he was chased by a pack of village people and a pride of wild wolves. God also showed his anger by striking him with thunder and lightning. In contemplation of death brother Theodor swore to found an abbey right on this spot.
His prayers were heard. He survived and in the 12th century he laid the foundation for the abbey St. Benifizius.

But the abbey is plagued by a dark secret.

The legend exists that Theodor financed his initially merry life and the building of the abbey through a treasure that he brought with him from the Holy Land. Many believe that even today a large part of Theodor's treasure is still hidden within the abbey walls, which has not yet been found.

Today, 900 years later, abbot Magnus invites the temporal population to an atmospheric dinner.

Abbot Magnus is supported by his cellerar, father Benedikt, who is highly interested in crime stories. His nick name is father Brown.

The monastery covers a secret.

Investigating the mystery is the bitchy journalist Judith Jäger. She never ever was fortunate. She once was crossed in love with father Benedikt. Over the years she became a nasty spinster and now she really hates everybody and his brother.

But also the upper crust is present : Mayoress Barbara Braun and bank director Xaver Hinteregger present themselves … not always on their best behaviour.

Xaver Hinteregger is a dubious bank director. He is a macho and womanizer.


In the middle of the dinner a disaster happens : A mysterious murder disconcerts everyone und puts everybody under a cloud.

Why was the murder committed? Because of the mysterious treasure of brother Theodor from the medieval times?

Who has got a motive? Actually everyone! Or is even more behind it?

You will meet fishy monks, like the severe head of the abbey St. Benifizius, abbot Magnus, the anxious and nervous cellerar, father Benedikt, responsible for the organization and finance, and the strange brother Anselm, a monk who took an oath of silence.

Furthermore you will experience the corrupt and shady bank director Xaver Hinteregger. He is accompanied by the charming Mayoress of the town, Barbara Braun.

Judith Jäger, a bitchy and nasty journalist, is permanently roughing up the soiree.

Later in the evening, commissioner Kerstin Krug is suddenly emerging at the event.

Can she bring the case forward?

Will she solve the murder case with the help of all of the guests?

The criminalistic flair of the audience is in great demand.

You can book this exciting and amusing event exclusively for your company.

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